27) I Joined Xcel Energy’s Windsource Program #NewThingEveryDay

I was paying my Xcel bill to day and I noticed under the “My Programs” section that there was a program called Windsource. I’ve been looking for the option to buy renewable electricity for the past few months, but with their recent site changes I haven’t been able to find it. Basically you buy renewable […]

26) Bought a FoosBall Table at a Thrift Store #NewThingEveryDay

I’ve brought home some strange things from the thrift store before, but probably nothing as substantial as a foosball table. I’ve always said If I saw a used Tornado table in good shape I’d buy it, so when I saw this Halex table in really good condition, for $50 ($37.50 after discount) I got much less […]

25) Color Coded Shop Outlets #NewThingEveryDay

A few years ago I remembered reading on the Penultimate Workshop that Dyami Plotke color coded his outlets to avoid putting to many machines on the same circuit. I always thought this was a great idea, but never got around to implementing it. While I don’t blow a lot of breakers anymore because I more […]

24) Got Skunked on New Lake (Grindstone) #NewThingEveryDay

My friend called me up earlier this week and asked if I wanted to go fishing this weekend. I said I was free Saturday afternoon. The next day he called me excited that he had found a Lake Trout lake only 1.5 hours away from us, Grindstone Lake just west of Sandstone. Saturday rolls around […]

22) I Tried to Dye Wood and PVC with Fabric Dye #NewThingEveryDay

I caught an article on Make that showed how to dye PVC, so I did a little more research. I found several sites saying you could use something called Rit dye that’s cheap and available everywhere. It’s used as a fabric dye, but it’ll dye wood and plastic. Most sites still said you had to […]

21) I Made a Lego Zipline in My Son’s Room #NewThingEveryDay

My son had so much fun at Maker Fest with the Tinkering with Lego Zipline, that I decided to put one in his room. I didn’t have any string that was appropriate, so I took one of the LEGO wheel hubs that ride on the zipline to Menards and picked out some string that would work. I […]

20) I Used a Small Bin Parts Organizer for an Assembly Project #NewThingEveryDay

A few days ago I bought a 3D printer that I have to assemble myself. Every time I’ve embarked on a project like this I’ve just used the bags and boxes the kit came in. Inevitably I end up spending more time searching for the parts I need than assembling the project. Thanks to this […]

18) Listened to Dark Side of the Moon with My Daughter #NewThingEveryDay

My Daughter and I were riding in my truck when Pink Floyd’s Money came on the radio. She was really interested how they make music with the different sounds. We had about 45 minutes of driving left, so I thought, if she liked that, let’s listen to the whole Dark Side of the Moon album. I […]