Goodbye #NewThingEveryDay, Hello #TrySomethingNew

After a few months of doing something new every day, I really don’t want to stop. The forced concept of having to do something new every day and blog about it is too limiting and many times too exhausting. There were many days where I did several new things, but only wrote about one of […]

65) Finally Got GE Link Starter Pack to Work #NewThingEveryDay

I purchased the GE Link starter pack at Home depot a while ago when it was on sale for $25. The first time I tried using it, I just couldn’t connect to it from my phone. I googled, read all the reviews, used all my networking tricks, and nothing worked. So I put it on […]

64) Published a Thing on Thingiverse #NewThingEveryDay

I’ve already printed my workshop logo using SketchUp and my 3D Printer, but I never published it for other people to make. Today I actually published a project on Thingiverse, a magnetic chuck key holder for my Delta DP350 drill press. I’ve just been sticking my chuck key to a magnet stuck on the head […]

63) Went to CC Military Surplus #NewThingEveryDay

I was going to the Maplewood Rockler today and decided to look if there was anything else interesting nearby. As I was studying the map, I spotted CC Military Surplus. In my experience, military surplus stores can be hit or miss. Sometimes all they have is broken used junk, and other times they carry new […]

62) Made an 8 Sided God’s Eye #NewThingEveryDay

A few days ago an interesting tweet from Make Magazine caught my eye, it was about giant multi-sided God’s Eyes. They were beautiful of course, but being an engineer, I was trying to figure out how the guy who made them does it. The first problem I saw was that with a garden variety God’s […]

61) Made Survival Paracord Bracelets #NewThingEveryDay

I’ve always liked rope and knots. And there must be some boy scout in my blood, because I’m always thinking about being prepared. So me making a survival bracelet out of paracord was eventually going to happen. I picked up some red and white paracord from Menards today. I also picked up some plastic buckles, […]

59) Replaced a Sputtering Circuit Breaker #NewThingEveryDay

I was downstairs in the laundry room working on my 3D printer. The washer and dryer were going, but I could still hear a noise that bothered me. I’d catch it every now and again — a crackling or sputtering. Finally I decided to investigate. It seemed to happen when the washer was running, but […]

58) Went to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum #NewThingEveryDay

Today my wife and I went to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. Our street reconstruction is coming to a close and we are ready to look at a new driveway, walk, and front stairs — a whole new yard plan really — and we wanted to get some ideas. Our visitĀ also happened to coincide with the […]