Two Paracord Barcelets

I’ve always liked rope and knots. And there must be some boy scout in my blood, because I’m always thinking about being prepared. So me making a survival bracelet out of paracord was eventually going to happen.

Paracord bracelet supplies

I picked up some red and white paracord from Menards today. I also picked up some plastic buckles, which also had instructions for making paracord bracelets. The funny thing is when I went online to find a tutorial on how to make the bracelets, I opened the buckles and noticed the pictures were exactly the same as the Instructable I was looking at. Hmmm…

Partially finished paracord bracelet

I’m not going into the steps of making a paracord bracelet here, there are hundred of tutorials online that do a better job than I ever could. I just have a few tips. First use about they say you need 12″ for every inch of your wrist (minus the buckle size), I would go 16″, I was able to complete a bracelet with the amount they recommended, but if you really want to make a tight bracelet, you’ll run out of cord.

Joining paracord the Manny method

Second is watch this video on how to join paracord. You’ll want to do this if having a single color bracelet bores you. The only problem with the “Manny” method that I see is that you can’t depend on the entire length of cord for survival anymore, the joint doesn’t have the strength of the inner cords to back it up.

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