CC Miltary Surplus Front

I was going to the Maplewood Rockler today and decided to look if there was anything else interesting nearby. As I was studying the map, I spotted CC Military Surplus. In my experience, military surplus stores can be hit or miss. Sometimes all they have is broken used junk, and other times they carry new products, but they are more expensive than buying it somewhere else.

Truck 2

It’s usually a good sign when there are military vehicles parked outside the store, because if the store fails you at least you can look at some military hardware. When I entered the store I noticed right away it was¬†pretty clean and well lit. I was immediately¬†shepherded by a fence right to the paracord supplies. I walked by some uniforms, hats, and insignia that were in pretty good condition and ended up in the camping supplies. I almost bought a new folding shovel, but I remembered we have to pave our driveway yet, so I’m not supposed to buy frivolous stuff.

The second half of the store was packs and paintball supplies. Most of the packs in this section were new, most of the “surplus” stuff was in the other section. I didn’t look at anything in particular, but the prices actually seemed reasonable for new.

I also found a brand spankin’ new Harbor Freight almost next door to Rockler as I was driving to CC Military Surplus. Now with Rockler, Harbor Freight, Costco, and Sears, I have more reasons to go to Maplewood, although it’s a pain in the ass getting to Maplewood from my house because I have to go on 694 through Shoreview which is always a mess no matter what time of day.

Truck 1

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