Holder with Chuck Key in place

I’ve already printed my workshop logo using SketchUp and my 3D Printer, but I never published it for other people to make. Today I actually published a project on Thingiverse, a magnetic chuck key holder for my Delta DP350 drill press.

Holder with magnet glued in place

I’ve just been sticking my chuck key to a magnet stuck on the head of the drill press and I thought it would be an easy project to learn about designing things for¬†3D printing. ¬†Rather than using Sketchup, I used TinkerCAD, an online CAD program designed especially for designing things to be printed on a 3D printer.

Chuck Key Holded in Use

Well three revisions later I finally have a working holder. Most of my problems were that I didn’t leave enough tolerance for the shaft of the chuck key or the magnet in the bottom.

Publishing something on Thingiverse is easy as long as you are a member of the site, you just need the design files (which you can download right off TinkerCAD), some photos of your creation, and a little description. You can add as little of as much detail as you want. Once you hit publish your creation is available to anyone who wants to print it.

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