GE Link Box

I purchased the GE Link starter pack at Home depot a while ago when it was on sale for $25. The first time I tried using it, I just couldn’t connect to it from my phone. I googled, read all the reviews, used all my networking tricks, and nothing worked. So I put it on a shelf for another day.

Link Hub

Today I decided to give the GE Link stuff another try. I plugged in the Link hub, tried adding it in the Wink app, and I noticed the blue light flashing on the hub. I’d never gotten that far before. Syncing with the hub failed the first time, but I tried it again and it actually worked. They must have fixed the problem I was having with the app.

Old COntroller

The original reason I bought the Link Starter Pack was because my daughter likes sleeping with her light dimmed all the way down in her room. The ceiling fan controller I bought for her room 14 years ago ┬áis really flaky and doesn’t work with anything other than incandescent bulbs, also she never uses her ceiling fan. So I thought we could replace the fan controller with more up to date hardware.

Mia Ceiling fan

I yanked out her old ceiling fan controller and reconnected her ceiling fan directly to the switch leg in the box. Then I replaced the incandescent bulbs with one of the GE Link ones. I paired up her light build with the Link hub on my phone and I was able to control the light on, off, and dim right from my phone. The only issue is that it doesn’t work real time. It takes a few seconds between when you press the button in the app and any happens in reality.

The light still works like a normal light, you can turn it on and off with the switch on the wall. Now you can also control it with the Wink app as long as the light switch is in the on position. So my daughter could control her light, I shared that particular bulb in the Wink app with her. Then I loaded the Wink app on her tablet and created an account for her. The reason I didn’t just use my Wink account is because I don’t want her to have control of other lights we may end up using on the system like ours or her brother’s.

I do need to do some more digging to see if there’s any way I can speed up the lag between changing the state in the app and the action happening in reality, but I’m already thinking of other places where we can use the GE link system (or other Wink compatible devices). I have my eye on the Chamberlain garage door opener.

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