Why I’m Suspending #NewThingEveryDay

Today I’m suspending my project to do something new every day and blog about it. I managed to do something new 65 days in a row, but what does that really mean?

  • It means that I spent too much time worrying about doing something new. I’d be scrambling at the end of the day sometimes spending an hour or more trying to find something to do to meet an artificial quota.
  • Sometimes I skipped from thing to thing not really diving very deep into things that interested me.
  • I spent way more than 15 minutes writing posts, sure I kept the actual writing down to 15 minutes, but some of the photo processing took at least that long again.
  • The quality of the posts were not that good.
  • Some of the “new” things I did weren’t very high quality.
  • Things don’t fit nicely into categories like “new”. I spent yesterday rebuilding my 3D printer, but I didn’t post about that because it wasn’t “new”, but I was doing something I’ve never done before.
  • I don’t feel that imposing a 15 minute deadline on my writing helped me write any better.
  • I was ignoring other things I needed to do.

It’s not all negative. I did something hard for 65 days in a row, that’s a pretty big accomplishment. And I also had some really good experiences I never would have had if it wasn’t for this project.

Does this mean that I’ll stop trying to do new things? Of course not. I’m still going to seek out new experiences. One of the things this project gave me was an excuse to try something I was hesitant to try. I would try something because that I needed to fill that quota. I’m hoping that as a result of this experiment, I’ll be able to overcome that hesitancy ┬áin some other way.

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