Goodbye #NewThingEveryDay, Hello #TrySomethingNew

After a few months of doing something new every day, I really don’t want to stop. The forced concept of having to do something new every day and blog about it is too limiting and many times too exhausting. There were many days where I did several new things, but only wrote about one of them. There were also days where it was a major time sink to just do one new thing have to blog about it. So I’ve decided to change the project to just #TrySomethingNew.

I’m taking what I learned with the old project and coming up with a <sarcasm>novel</sarcasm> concept. I do something new and I tweet it with the hashtag #TrySomethingNew. That’s it. If I want to do 15 new things one day and none the next, great. If I want to blog about it, super! If I want to spend two weeks learning how to do something new, I’m not going to feel guilty.

Let’s see what this new project brings.

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