Popeyes Store Front

I was in Coon Rapids around lunchtime picking up some supplies, so I decided to try Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. I’d heard of this chain before, but it just recently came to the area. I knew they sold fried chicken, but that was about it.

I got inside and saw they had a shrimp basket for $5, sans beverage. If a place serves shrimp, that’s probably what I’m going to eat. I was surprised that after I ordered the meal, the cashier asked if I wanted a drink with the meal. She said if you bought it without a drink it was only $5. I can’t think of a fast food place that would have even asked me that. They would just have assumed I was getting a drink with a meal. I like this cashier.

I happened that I already had a pop with me from visiting Menards earlier, so I said: “sure, I’ll have the meal without the drink.” I got my second surprise because I assumed that the biscuit was the side that came with the meal, but it turns out I got a choice of a side too. Mashed potatoes it was.

Butterfly shrimp meal

I got the meal to go because my pop was in the truck and I wanted to finish listening to a podcast. I opened the box and found I got way more than the 8 shrimp I was supposed to get — another bonus. I opened the sauce and dipped a shrimp into it and found the sauce to be spicy, spicier than Taco Bell fire sauce. I like hot, but I am constantly disappointing at food most Minnesota restaurants consider hot.

All in all the shrimp was okay, the mashed potatoes were actually pretty good, and the biscuit was dry — it needed butter. Actually not bad for a $5 fast food meal. I’d definitely go there over McDonalds or Burger King, but since Popeyes is just a block away from Dinos Gyros, my favorite fast food place around, it’ll probably be a while before I get back there.

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