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It’s between TV seasons and most of the new shows I’ve tried watching have disappointed me. For instance, I tried getting into iZombie. While it was interesting for the first few episodes, I just didn’t think it was going anywhere. Also I’d heard good things about Louie but I just couldn’t get into it. So when I heard about Killjoys on DTNS, I wasn’t too excited until the person recommending it mentioned the browncoats (Firefly fans) a few times — that got me interested.

Killjoys are bounty hunters and of course one of the bounties they go after in the first episode is John’s (the male lead) brother. They end up teaming up with him to get the warrant off his head. This sets the stage for the three of them to team up to have their adventures.

I don’t know what to think of the show yet. It’s science fiction, that’s a plus. It sort of looks like they are going for the Firefly vibe, with a little more edginess thrown in. It’s shot with abruptly changing camera angles and scene changes to accentuate that edgy feeling. Dutch, the female lead is a bad ass fighter with a mysterious assassin past, which is always a plus.

Some shows you immediately identify with the characters, some shows the plot grabs you, and some shows the universe has a lot of potential. Firefly has all those aspects, while Killjoys definitely belongs to the last group. That isn’t a death sentence, I’d also put Lost in the last group.

This was just the first episode, sometimes I know right away weather I’ll like the show, sometimes it takes a bout a season. I think I’ll watch all four available episodes and see where it goes.

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