Perler Bead Supply

At the Summer YMCA program my kids attend, they do fun fusion or “perler bead” art. A few days ago, my daughter bought another bucket of beads and more large square pegboards to make art at home. I’ve helped my kids them iron their creations before, but I’ve never created my own. So today my daughter and I decided that I would make Calvin and she would make Hobbes.

My daughter making Hobbes

Rather than pixillate your own photos as templates, all you need to do is search “perler bead Calvin,” and you’ll find all the templates you’ll ever need. I found a Calvin head on Pinterest and started copying it onto the pegboard. Instead of buying organized beads, my daughter went for the big bucket of beads. This means we spent twice as much time looking for the correct color beads as we did placing them. Sure my daughter had organized some of the beads in a few Plano boxes, but that just didn’t go very far.

Hobbes Fixed with Calvin

Once we were done we had to iron our creations. I was out of practice and my design partially stuck to the wax paper and got all messed up. I ended up having to remake it. It didn’t take nearly as much time as before because I had all the correct colored beads ready to go. My daughter did the same thing and I remade hers too. We were more careful the second time and the perler bead art turned out really good.

Finished Calvin and Hobbes

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