Minneapolis Farmers Market

My wife was off today, so we decided to take the kids to some new places. First we went to the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market. Of course we forgot to bring cash so I searched for a nearby ATM on my phone. There was a Wells Fargo a few blocks away through the industrial district so we walked over to it, not noticing there was a ATM right at the Farmer’s  Market. We needed a little exercise and the kids got a lesson in urban decay.

The Market was pretty small today, it only took up about one-half of the two “islands” dedicated to it. My wife bought some herbs and my daughter bought some flowers.

Midtown Global Market

Then we went to Midtown Global Market. My son and I ate at the Holy Land Deli and my wife and daughter got pizza from somewhere else. After not finishing their food, the kids wanted to get ice cream.

Wild Rumpus

Finally my daughter wanted to show my son the Wild Rumpus. It’s an eclectic kids book store that has animals running loose inside. You can see my daughter petting the chickens below.


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