A good start

I’ve been collecting pop can tabs for a while now. Ever since I started making a tab chain a while ago, I just kept collecting them. Eventually I knew I was going to make some chainmail and today seemed like as good a day as any.

Tabs and Tools

There are a ton of instructions online for making the chain mail links, but I used this one at wikiHow. Basically you cut the top of the tab with some wire cutters, then bend the tab with a staple remover. Once you have a good supply of links you can begin connecting them together to form the fabric.

You link the bottom of two tabs through the split in the top of one tab and expand from there. To lay flat the tabs have to connect in a certain over under fashion that is hard to explain, but easy to figure out once you get going.

Chain folds onto itself

While you can make a large piece of chainmail pretty fast, if you pick it up the tabs don’t stay flat and flip over. It’s almost impossible to just lie it down flat again, You have to do the best you can and then tediously flip all the upside down links back over.

Unlike pop tab chains, I’m not sure what you really can make out of this, but it’s an interesting thing to do with tabs.

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