Today my fishing buddy and I decided go fish at Big Marine Lake. It’s a 1100 acre lake located A little east of Forest Lake. It sports Largemouth, Northern, Walleye, Bluegill, and Crappie.

We got on the lake about 3pm and while it had been smoking hot when we were attaching the boat, it seemed somewhat cooler at the lake. Big Marine seems to be a popular lake because the large parking lot was full and trucks and boat trailers were spilling out onto the road.

When we got into the water ,we started casting the wild rice, we noticed there were a lot of bluegill following our lures, but we didn’t start trying for them until another hour or so. Once we put the worms on to catch the bluegill, we quickly tired of them and decided to toll the rice on the shoreline. Almost right away Gary had a Northern hit, so we stopped in a tiny bay right next to some guy’s yard and started casting. I caught two small Northern in that hole.

Largemouth Bass

Later down the same stretch of shore I caught the Largemouth bass pictured above, the nicest fish we caught all day. I caught all my fish on a Beaver Flick. A small spoon that used to be made by the Beaver Hut in Grand Marais.

Once we ran out of rice on that part of the lake we trolled around the island, Gary noticed that there were two girls in the water pushing their jet ski. It turned out that had been pushing for 20 minutes and nobody had helped them out. So we threw them a rope and towed them back to their dock.

After that we decided to go back to the shoreline where we had caught all of our fish. After catching a few more, we decided to call it a day before it got dark. We were a little worried that it would take us forever to get off the lake because there were so many trailers in the parking lot, but we actually didn’t have to wait at all to get off the lake.

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