Garmin GPSmap 60CSx

System Information

Press Enter while turing the GPS on ans you get systems page.
– Mike Dalton (

Software Version: 4.20
ESN: 3773761126
Since Reset: 0198:54:55
Temperature: 21
Frequency: 16368000
X0 Drift: 0.00
Signal: _____
C/NO: -1.00
Voltage: 2.50V
Backlight: 0%
Compass Heading: W
Altitude: 979.4ft
Bravo Pass RAM PAss
ROM Pass Bmap Pass

Button test. Color Palate?

Route Calculation

Check the box at the bottom of the map that says “Include Route Calculation data” to make routing work.

Send waypoint directly to GPS from Google Maps

  1. RIGHT click on the place you want to go to and a box opens
  2. Choose “What’s here?” and you’ll get a green arrow (probably covered by a marker).
  3. Hover over the green arrow until you get a box with coordinates then LEFT click to get a pop up box
  4. Choose “more” then “Send”

Amir Findling K9CHP (

How to load IMG files into mapsource

Turn Compass On and Off

Press and hold the page key

Free Maps

Linux Software
  • GPS Babel: GPSBabel converts waypoints, tracks, and routes between popular GPS receivers and mapping programs.
  • QLandkarte: Can talk directly to a Garmin GPS to upload and download data but not maps.
  • Google Earth: Can import tracks and waypoints for display
Windows Only Software
  • Google Maps: can directly upload way points to GPS
Online Software

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