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I’ve been a bit delinquent posting on my blog because I’m daily writing for Like anything else when you do something as a job, that’s the last thing you want to do in your freetime.

Here’s a few tools I’ve put together to make navigating easier.

Search By Author:
Chuck Cage
Sean O’Hara
Audra Heaslip
Lorenzo Serna
Nick Carter
Nate Bezanson
Stephen Cooke
Leslie Vincent
Benjamen Johnson
Eric Dykstra
Stuart Deutsch
Rick Reimundez
Kevin Whipps
Dan Kitchen
J.R. Bluett
Brad Justinen
Vince Bloom
Paul Lapczynski
Jordan Ross
Kevin Pace
Gordon DeWitte
Steve Carroll
Lex Dodson
Who’s dweider?

Add sites to your search bar:
Many site don’t take advantage of OpenSearch to add themselves to your browser’s search bar. I’ve created some pages that allow you to do this anyway. You might notice that my site’s icon ( shows up initially, but that’s temporary, it will be replaced with the favicon of the site you’re adding (if they have one).


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