47) Visited Farmer’s Market, Midtown Global Market, and Wild Rumpus #NewThingEveryDay

My wife was off today, so we decided to take the kids to some new places. First we went to the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market. Of course we forgot to bring cash so I searched for a nearby ATM on my phone. There was a Wells Fargo a few blocks away through the industrial district so […]

45) Got Workwhop Tour at Jackson Street Roundhouse #NewThingEveryDay

Today my son and I went with my father-in-law, brother-in-law, and nephew to the Jackson Street Roundhouse, one of the Minnesota Transportation Museum sites. While this wasn’t something new, as my wife and I have taken our kids there before, we hadn’t been on a tour of the workshop and blacksmith shop. If you request it […]

44) Listened to What’s The Point Podcast from FiveThirtyEight #NewThingEveryDay

I usually turn my wife on to new podcasts. I listen to many podcasts a day, whereas she usually only has time for one. But lately in her compressed listening time, she has found more good podcasts than I have. The latest podcast she told me about was What’s The Point from FiveThirtyEight. FiveThirtyEight started […]

42) Made Perler Bead Art with My Daughter #NewThingEveryDay

At the Summer YMCA program my kids attend, they do fun fusion or “perler bead” art. A few days ago, my daughter bought another bucket of beads and more large square pegboards to make art at home. I’ve helped my kids them iron their creations before, but I’ve never created my own. So today my daughter […]

39) Watched First Episode of Killjoys #NewThingEveryDay

It’s between TV seasons and most of the new shows I’ve tried watching have disappointed me. For instance, I tried getting into iZombie. While it was interesting for the first few episodes, I just didn’t think it was going anywhere. Also I’d heard good things about Louie but I just couldn’t get into it. So […]