36) Make 3D Printer Print Parts for Itself #NewThingEveryDay

So far I’ve got my 3D printer working okay. I’m still having issues with it not infilling enough, but it works well enough to print most things. Doing research into how to use my printer, I found that the extruder wires can break from moving too much. The extruder is on the X-axis which is […]

35) Making Socket Organizers More Visible #NewThingEveryDay

I have these Craftsman socket holders in my big toolbox where it is difficult to see the writing because it is just raised grey on grey. I remembered a post on SawDust Girl where one of the contributors used white paint to fill in the markings on a Kreg jig to make them more visible. […]

34) Organized My Nut Drivers with a Length of Wire #NewThingEveryDay

I have a set of 14 Imperial and Metric nut drivers sitting in my tool chest that defy organization. After I line them up and put them in order, a few weeks of opening and closing the drawer results in a disorganized pile again. I grabbed some 10 gauge copper wire I had left over […]

32) Succesfully Printed an Object Using My New 3D Printer #NewThingEveryDay

I bought a OneUp 3D printer a few weeks ago to assemble with my daughter. She lost interest because she really didn’t understand what part of the machine she was building, frankly neither did I, I was just following the instructions. So I just completed assembling the 3D printer myself. That’s pretty much where the […]

31) I Repaired a RC Car with ThermoPlastic #NewThingEveryDay

The other day I noticed a few properties of Thermoplastic that would make it a great way to repair broken parts. First it sticks to everything pretty tenaciously. Second when it’s cooled, it’s pretty rigid. Last year we broke the steering arm one the many cheap New Bright RC cars I have for my kids […]

30) I Ate at Uncle Louie’s Cafe in Duluth #NewThingEveryDay

My wife and I went up to Duluth today to grab a buffet cabinet from my mom’s house. I’ve been dreading this for almost a year since she said I could have it. I thought it was really, really heavy and I wasn’t sure how we were going to get it our of her house […]