28) I Visited Hobby Lobby #NewThingEveryDay

I’ve found myself frequenting craft stores more and more. Sometimes it’s because I have a new project and they’re the only place I can find what I need, sometimes it because I am getting craft supplies for my 10 year old daughter. I’ve never been to a Hobby Lobby, not because of any controversial Supreme […]

27) I Joined Xcel Energy’s Windsource Program #NewThingEveryDay

I was paying my Xcel bill to day and I noticed under the “My Programs” section that there was a program called Windsource. I’ve been looking for the option to buy renewable electricity for the past few months, but with their recent site changes I haven’t been able to find it. Basically you buy renewable […]

26) Bought a FoosBall Table at a Thrift Store #NewThingEveryDay

I’ve brought home some strange things from the thrift store before, but probably nothing as substantial as a foosball table. I’ve always said If I saw a used Tornado table in good shape I’d buy it, so when I saw this Halex table in really good condition, for $50 ($37.50 after discount) I got much less […]

25) Color Coded Shop Outlets #NewThingEveryDay

A few years ago I remembered reading on the Penultimate Workshop that Dyami Plotke color coded his outlets to avoid putting to many machines on the same circuit. I always thought this was a great idea, but never got around to implementing it. While I don’t blow a lot of breakers anymore because I more […]

24) Got Skunked on New Lake (Grindstone) #NewThingEveryDay

My friend called me up earlier this week and asked if I wanted to go fishing this weekend. I said I was free Saturday afternoon. The next day he called me excited that he had found a Lake Trout lake only 1.5 hours away from us, Grindstone Lake just west of Sandstone. Saturday rolls around […]

22) I Tried to Dye Wood and PVC with Fabric Dye #NewThingEveryDay

I caught an article on Make that showed how to dye PVC, so I did a little more research. I found several sites saying you could use something called Rit dye that’s cheap and available everywhere. It’s used as a fabric dye, but it’ll dye wood and plastic. Most sites still said you had to […]

21) I Made a Lego Zipline in My Son’s Room #NewThingEveryDay

My son had so much fun at Maker Fest with the Tinkering with Lego Zipline, that I decided to put one in his room. I didn’t have any string that was appropriate, so I took one of the LEGO wheel hubs that ride on the zipline to Menards and picked out some string that would work. I […]

20) I Used a Small Bin Parts Organizer for an Assembly Project #NewThingEveryDay

A few days ago I bought a 3D printer that I have to assemble myself. Every time I’ve embarked on a project like this I’ve just used the bags and boxes the kit came in. Inevitably I end up spending more time searching for the parts I need than assembling the project. Thanks to this […]