5) I Ate at a Louisiana PoBoy Restaurant for the First Time #NewThingEveryDay

Today my wife and I chatted to a neighbor we’d never talked to before. He’d lived in our city for over 20 years and we were talking about some of the road construction in our neighborhood. The topic of conversation turned to how our city council wanted to create a walking community in a suburb […]

4) Tried Wallabag for Saving Websites to Read Later

I really wish the chrome browser on a computer had a share button like on Android. I use the share button to save webpages I want to come back to on Google Keep. I use Keep as my ToDo list, shopping list, and general brain dump. It’s so short-sighted of Google that they don’t have […]

3) Have Son Teach Me How to Play Minecraft #NewThingEveryDay

I tried Minecraft once when you could download the free edition for tablets. I never could understand the appeal. But, my son eats, lives, and breathes Minecraft. He’s always trying to tell me about something happening in in the game or about something he made. Sure, I’ve picked up some of the lingo from talking […]

2) Making a Bleached Logo Decepticon Shirt #NewThingEveryDay

Every time I use bleach, I usually get a few spots on my sleeves. I never thought much of it until I was reading one of my favorite new sites WilkerDos.com where I saw April make a shirt with a bleached Hunger Games logo. I thought that’s a really simple way to make a custom […]

1) I’m Going to Start Start Doing A #NewThingEveryDay

I’m the sort of a person that gets stuck in a rut – an introvert that likes the comfort of routine. But some of my best days are when I break out and try something new, something different. That’s why I’m going to try to do a #NewThingEveryDay. And I’m gong to post it here […]